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6 Perks of Working for Fairmont's Mountain Resorts

While the locations themselves are pretty darn special already, working for Fairmont's Mountain Resorts means access to some seriously awesome perks. Each hotel in our mountain region offers a few individualized perks based on their location and on-site facilities, but all four of the mountain resorts offer these six perks across the board.

Working for Fairmont

Discounted Travel Program

Are you yearning to explore the world without breaking the bank? Now’s your chance! Fairmont's Mountain Resorts offer access to not one, not two, but THREE different travel programs which means discounted stays at over 5000 hotels across the world. Want to explore your own backyard? With an exclusive deal for Fairmont Mountain Resort colleagues, you can experience five star service whilst staying in the luxurious Fairmont hotels in Banff, Whistler, Lake Louise and Jasper for a deeply discounted rate, not to mention 50% off all Food & Beverage! You also get access to Fairmont's global Destinations Program along with Accor's global Bienvenue Travel Program.

Should I apply at Fairmont Hotels

Short and Beautiful Commute

Ever wake up on a Monday morning, hit that snooze button a few times, and lay in bed wishing you just lived a stones's throw from your work? You can now make that a reality! When working at Fairmont's Mountain Resorts, you have access to on-site staff accommodation which means you can say goodbye to your commute and hello to being at work within a 5 minute (beautiful) walk or bike ride. On that topic, let’s talk about…

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Subsidized Housing

All four of our properties offer their colleagues access to on-site staff accommodation at an extremely subsidized price, which means access to super, super cheap rent. With more money in your pocket each pay cheque, this means that it’s really easy to save money (...or buy those front row tickets to Taylor Swift, we don’t judge!).

Jobs with staff housing in Canada

Opportunities to Meet New Friends

Did you know that each hotel has a dedicated colleague whose entire job is making sure the employees are having a good time? From Galas to Game Nights and everything in between, there’s a calendar of events guaranteed for you to never get bored. Popular activities include Karaoke and Bingo Nights, group hikes, trips to nearby cities, yoga and more!! But, every month there’s something new to try, and new people to meet!

Why should I work for Fairmont

The Staff Cafeteria

Hate making tomorrow's lunch every evening? Us too! Luckily, the Fairmont Mountain Hotels all offer one pretty sweet perk: access to their Staff Cafeteria, which is your ticket to never having to make those sandwiches again. The Staff Cafeteria offers a rotating menu of hot dishes, a salad bar, a beverage center plus our personal favorite - drop-dead delicious desserts made by our pastry chefs. With meals averaging $4 per day, and three of the hotels offering one complimentary meal per working day, you can say goodbye to packed lunch.

What's it like working for Fairmont

Access to Hotel Facilities

Working for Fairmont's Mountain Resorts means you have access to some of the best hotel facilities in the world. Love to golf? Working at our resorts means access to our World-class courses at a fraction of the cost. Fancy being pampered? Enjoy deeply discounted rates at the hotel spa and gym - your hair, nails and muscles will have never felt better. Plus, we haven’t even talked about all of the restaurants! With your employee discount card, you have the opportunity to try out all of the Food & Beverage offerings in the hotels… yum!!

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This is only a small glimpse into some of our favorite perks while working at Fairmont's Mountain Resorts - if we listed them all, this blog post would be the length of War & Peace!

Want to hear more directly from a colleague? You can check out Fairmont Banff Springs' colleague Jodi McLean speak about her favourite perks in her "7 Benefits of Working at Fairmont Banff Springs" vlog here:


Ready for an adventure? Visit to learn more about what it's like to live, work and play in Fairmont's Mountain Region.


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